We support opera companies and houses to expand their reach and repertoire sustainably.


New Audiences

Bring opera to new audiences, making it accessible, inclusive and future-proof


Support new and outstanding productions


Sustain and retain British singers in the industry


Help opera to become more self-sufficient – encouraging innovation and collaboration

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We are dedicated to supporting opera, ensuring the preservation of its rich tradition while fostering its evolution. Our commitment extends to opera houses, productions, and festivals, as well as aiding British opera singers, through structured programmes, to develop successful, lasting careers. We aim to cultivate a thriving, inclusive opera ecosystem that celebrates excellence and innovation, through strategic investments and targeted support.


Laidlaw Opera Trust is proud to support opera houses, companies and festivals producing exceptional work; attracting, welcoming and retaining diverse audiences; demonstrating ambition and innovation, who actively support and collaborate with others in the sector.


The Board of Trustees of Laidlaw Opera Trust is responsible for the governance and grant giving of the Laidlaw Opera Trust and is our ultimate decision-making body. Supported by the Executive Team, it is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Trust’s mission and goals.

Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay
Chair, Laidlaw Opera Trust

Lord Laidlaw is a committed philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and accomplished sportsman wth a deep seated love of opera. A graduate of Leeds University and Columbia Business School, Lord Laidlaw founded the Institute for International Research Ltd (IIR) which became the world’s largest conference and training company.

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Anne Marabini Young
Founder and General Director of Diva Opera and Trustee, Laidlaw Opera Trust

Anne Marabini Young began her career as a freelance opera singer, receiving prestigious awards such as The Joan Sutherland Scholarship and winning the Sydney Sun Aria competition. She amassed over 20 years of experience with many well-renowned organisations including but certainly not limited to Opera Australia, Television New Zealand, Buxton Festival, English National Opera, and Glyndebourne Opera.

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Lady Haddon-Cave
Founding Member, Grange Festival and Trustee, Laidlaw Opera Trust

Lady Haddon-Cave served as a school Governor becoming Chair of the Royal School in Haslemere. and also served as Chair of the Grayshott Society to work alongside the Parish Council to safeguard the Victorian centre of the village where she lived.  She, alongside her husband, became founding members of the Grange Park Opera at The Grange in Northington. She served on the ballet committee for several years and chaired the committee for the first major fundraising dinner in 2019.

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The Rt Hon. Sir Charles Haddon-Cave
President, Grange Festival and Trustee, Laidlaw Opera Trust

Lord Justice Haddon-Cave was called to the Bar in 1978 (G) and called to the Hong Kong Bar in 1980. He specialised in shipping and aviation law and acted in a number of notable UK aviation and marine disaster cases such as Manchester Air Disaster, Herald of Free Enterprise, Braer Disaster, Kegworth Aircrash, Knight Air Crash, BP Trent and Marchioness Disaster. He was appointed by the Secretary of State for Defence to conduct The Nimrod Review into loss of RAF Nimrod MR2 aircraft XV230 in Afghanistan (2007-2009).

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Catherine Mary Gray Lomberg
Trustee, Laidlaw Opera Trust

An international corporate career provided opportunities to work in Hong Kong, London, Belgium, USA and South Africa. Largely based in trade, IT and Financial publishing, management positions typically focused on re-structuring, change management and operational efficiency. Since retiring from Corporate life, music has been Catherine’s focus, not only singing herself, but actively fundraising in support of young performers, several of whom achieved international careers. She was a board member of several musical organisations in Cape Town and, as a Patron, she initiated two highly successful fundraising events for Teenage Cancer Trust (UK) in collaboration with Scottish Opera.

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news & events

The Laidlaw Opera Trust is proud to announce the first annual Business of Opera conference taking place on 10th October 2024 in London.

Business of Opera 2024

The Laidlaw Opera Trust is proud to announce the first annual Business of Opera conference taking place on 10th October 2024 in London.

Business of Opera 2024

The Laidlaw Opera Trust is proud to announce the first annual Business of Opera conference taking place on 10th October 2024 in London.

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